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The Problem with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a sophisticated branch of your business activities and you can solve its main problem with free SMTP servers. You must master email marketing or your business will likely simply vanish without prosperity and you will have basically built a vanity business. However, if you get started with email marketing you can do it by learning the ropes for free with services from many competing companies.

Maybe you ask, “Why would they give it away for free? How can they make money that way?” They hope you will use their free tier of free SMTP servers to start making money with your business. After you have earned some money and have seen that your idea works and that you know how to make it work, they hope you will upgrade to their first paid tier and continue your success. The tools that come with these free options are enough to open up new possibilities for earning money with your business.

Deliverability without Free SMTP Servers

The first hurdle you must overcome with email marketing is deliverability. It is a problem because when you send a lot of emails the chances of one SMTP server receiving many of those emails is high. When you send too many emails to an SMTP server too quickly from the same email server (yours), the receiving server may flag your server as an origin of spam. That company which manages that email server may even submit your domain name and IP address to a blacklist. Many email servers are set to check and synchronize these blacklists with their local blacklist, effectively rejecting any emails at all from your IP address or domain name.

Solution in Free SMTP Servers

The best solution to this problem is to offload this function to a service that specializes in making sure other mail servers do not blacklist their SMTP (email sending) servers. Nevertheless, you still have to understand the limitations which that service places on your email campaigns and abide by them. That may include such requirements as sending rate limits (emails/hour or /minute or /day). Abiding by these limitations is much easier than managing the SMTP server technical and administrative headaches yourself.

Your time is too precious for this, because you need to be the CEO and run your own company. Instead, you should delegate it out to professionals in that field. The advantages of managing it in-house are so tiny when you do not have a very highly skilled professional on staff to take advantage of those few obscure advantages. Do not waste your time. Get into this review of free SMTP servers and get started making money from your email marketing.

Free SMTP Servers

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an international electronic standard for transmission of emails. Everyone sends all emails via SMTP servers. Many people even send their emails via free SMTP servers. In fact, any emails in your Inbox that are not from large corporations are most likely the kind that someone sent to you through one of those free SMTP servers. If you do not have the budget for an expensive professional dedicated to running your own SMTP server, you had best keep reading. We have detailed the service providers of these offers for free SMTP servers for you to save you time. Then choose the plan that best fits your business goals.

SendinBlue – 9000 Free Emails Every Month Forever

Free SMTP Servers - SendinBlueSendinBlue provides a solid free SMTP server. It is an easy service and there is an API, integrations and plugins available. You will have no problem at all with your integration with your WordPress site either. Check it out here Sendinblue.

Pricing: Besides the 3 tiers of monthly pricing for SendinBlue $25, $65, and “call”, they offer a robust free level $0 as well. With their free SMTP server you are allowed to send 9,000 emails monthly. There is a daily limit as well, though, capped off at 300 emails/day. You can see the pricing for their tiers here SendinBlue Pricing .

Free Emails: SendinBlue gives you 9,000 emails monthly at 300 emails daily with their free SMTP server. You can easily upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready.

Scalability: SendinBlue is very scalable. Even if you start out at $0 with their free SMTP server plan, you can scale to their $25 or $65 monthly plans. When you max those out you can customize your own plan at the Enterprise level.

Features: Some of the features of SendinBlue are :

  • Integrate chat on your WP site to chat with your customers and leads in real time
  • Responsive design editor
  • Send SMS as well as email
  • A/B testing

WordPress Integration: SendinBlue provides their own WordPress plugin, making it a breeze to integrate with your site.

Here are the details document.

Free SMTP Servers - SendinBlue plugin for WordPress

Pepipost – 30,000 Free Emails | 150,000 Emails @ Just $17.5

Free SMTP Servers - Pepipost

Pepipost claims to have the fastest delivery speed of any free SMTP server. It achieves this by hosting SMTP servers around the world. This should reduce network latency (time lag).

Pricing: Their plans start at $25 at the monthly rate for 150,000 emails/month and range all the way up to 2,000,000 for $445 monthly. They have yearly rates that begin at $17.50/month when you pay for the entire year of months up front. Your email sending will not be cut off if you send more emails than are in your plan. Instead, you will be charged $0.60 for each extra 1000 emails. Read more here.

Free Emails: Send up to 30,000 emails free for the first 30 Days. Then continue sending 100 emails/day for free forever! You can send up to 30,000 emails for your first 30 days after you have verified your account for your free trial. Then you can continue using the free trial after the 30-day period. Do not worry, since you will have free email sending of up to 100 emails/day for free forever. When you are ready you can choose to upgrade your plan at anytime.

Scalability : Pepipost scales well. Starting at $0 you can upgrade your plan at anytime. Although you can send a maximum of 2,000,000 emails/month, you can contact them to negotiated pricing for greater needs.

Features: Here are a few features of Pepipost :

  • Webhooks for quick information feedback
  • API for programmatic connections
  • A.I. for improved deliverability

Read more about their features here

WordPress Integration: The Official Pepipost WordPress Plugin uses API integration to send outgoing emails from your WordPress site with ease of setup. This effectively replaces the wp_mail function within WordPress. Read more here

Free SMTP Servers - Pepipost plugin for WordPress


Free SMTP Servers - Mailjet plugin for WordPress

Mailjet makes the claim that they can ensure maximum deliverability of both marketing and transactional emails. They also boast a network of 720 servers worldwide.

Pricing: You can start with their free plan, which allows you to send 6,000 emails monthly or 200 emails daily. If you need more robust plans they offer a Basic at $8.69 and Premium at $18.86 billed annually. Either of the paid plans will remove the Mailjet logo and you will have 30,000 monthly emails, with unlimited daily sends.

Free Emails: Mailjet has a free plan that allows 6,000 monthly emails and a 200 daily email sending limit, but unlimited contacts.

Scalability: You can scale your sending from 6,000 to 30,000 emails monthly and from 200 to unlimited emails daily. After that, you can reach out to Mailjet to discuss their Enterprise plan.


  • Easy design editor for emails
  • Email statistics in nice dashboard
  • Templates for marketing and transactional emails

WordPress Integration: Mailjet integrates with WordPress easily when you use their Email Newsletter Marketing Plugin. It is very easy to install and configure.

Free SMTP Servers - Mailjet plugin for WordPress

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