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We do not sell your information. Many hosting companies do not care about you. At Vezuchi we want to see you enjoy your privacy and succeed. When you succeed and grow we grow too. Trust your business to Vezuchi Hosting because we care about your business.


Hosting Packed with Everything

Responsive Deisgn

Create your own mobile friendly website easily. Make it easy for mobile users to browse your site or buy from your E-Commerce site.

FTP & File Manager in Browser

Both file transfer protocol and a file manager within your browser are available to transfer your folders and files directly to the server

Fast Internet Connection

1 Gbit connection to a fast backbone of the Internet – serve up your site at fast speeds for all clients.

Secure Server

We excel in security for your websites. You can learn how to secure your web materials as well.

Site Statistics

Stats for your websites so you can measure traffic and adjust accordingly

Free SSL Certificate

A free SSL certificate is included for your domain. SSL is necessary for selling anything online and improves your page rankings with search engines.

Intuitive Control Panel

Intuitive control panel aids you in administering your website. Access and manage everything from one panel.

One button Staging Site

Easily create and manage a staging site to push your changes without service interruption of your site.

Softaculous 1-Click Installs

Softaculous 1-click installations of many programs is included in your control panel.

Providing Reliable Tools for Site Management & Backups

Stats for Optimizing User Experience and Improving Page Ranking

Security & Privacy are Top Priorities

Trusted By

Quality of Service

Get any help you need with your business under one roof!

  • Vezuchi (business & e-commerce hosting)
  • US Business Design (website design & online presence integration)
  • Small Guy on Top (startup & entrepreneurial consulting)

Uptime Guarantee

You never have to worry about server down time impacting business. We guarantee 99.7% uptime.

Secure Backups

Regular offsite backups are secured, which include any WordPress backups you schedule as well.

Safe & Secure

Monitoring and defending your web hosting from online threats.

Onboard Quickly

Your solutions are up and running in minutes.

Custom Support

Your customer service team of experts provide custom support. We never read from scripts. Every issue is unique and requires unique attention and unique solutions.


Some Customer Testimonials


They were very polite and efficient at handling the change in my billing cycle date. My business structure changed and I needed to change the date of my billing cycle. They had no problem accommodating that. It was very professional.

Paulus Leek
Gold Touch

Although I am not a large customer Vezuchi staff have been willing to set up adjustments I’ve needed for things to run smoothly for me. One time they even added some library I needed for PHP and other times they have adjusted the configurations for me. To me it seems they really know what they are doing because they get it done so quickly and things just work. What more can you ask from a hosting service.

Kayleigh Chan
Office administrative assistant
Century 21

It started as a hobby project, the kind that nobody should care about, however it grew quickly with more users than I could imagine. When I started looking for a better hosting company the main factor for me was the price. But I needed something that could provide the infrastructure for growth as well. Vezuchi is a hosting company that is more than just shared hosting. My first visitors were just friends and family. But when I switched to Vezuchi and put a little money into my advertising my little project grew quickly. Man am I glad I found Vezuchi, because they’ve handled the growth well. Each time I’ve contacted customer service they are quick to respond. I don’t get canned replies either. They really answer directly the questions or problems I am facing. Even if the problem I was having was my own doing out of my own ignorance they were there to help me sort it out. I really appreciate them going above and beyond their duties.

Max Fischer
Cement Mason

What Vezuchi does for its customers I can only describe as being more like training us in Sys Admin for our own projects. The level of customer care is high above any other I’ve seen in my ten years of hosting my business with various other hosting providers. They are excellent and I think I realize why. Their first step is always to ask more questions about the problem or the situation. They really want to understand clearly what is going on so they do not send you on rabbit chases down rabbit holes. When they get to providing an answer it is almost always exactly what I’ve needed. No canned stuff. I think this is reason enough to recommend them for hosting.

Stephan Reinhardt
Personal Assistant / Legal secretary

Vezuchi has been awesome. I had an issue with some settings in my control panel. I was able to reach a tech and get it settled right away. I have had no problem getting help when I need it.

Dr. Allyson Bays

Additional Ways to Benefit @Vezuchi

Accessible Qualified Support

Our customer support agents are experienced in both technology and business. They are ready to help you with any facet of your hosting.